The Israeli Arab teenager who built a satellite to outer-space

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not everyday that you hear about a teenager building a satellite. And one such teenager happens to be an Israeli Arab from Nazareth.

Israeli Arab Builds Satellite

Meet Mariam Fahoum. She is an Israeli Arab from Nazareth who, along with some classmates, built a functional satellite that will be launched to space. Can you imagine? She is only a teenager! People work their entire lives to accomplish something as big as this. And in high school already, she was able to achieve something so incredible. It wasn’t easy, but Fahoum, her classmates, and others they didn’t know, made it happen. They developed the satellite.

Apartheid? Think Again.

It is quite foolish that so many people think Israel is an apartheid state. Can you really look at a story like this and claim that Israel mistreats Arabs? You can just speak to Mariam Fahoum. She has had the opportunity to build a satellite to be launched into outer-space. Where did she have this opportunity? In an Arab country? No. In the Jewish state. The Jewish state allowed her to have an opportunity that most people do not have in their lifetime.

This is not the exception though – the way that Fahoum is treated in Israel is the norm. Israeli Arabs have equal opportunities. The world continues to spread lies about Israel. College campuses are still a breeding ground for false information. The UN is an organization focused on bringing down Israel.

And yet, Israeli Arab teens are freely living their lives and making satellites. When will the lies stop?

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