NYC school forces students to stop using words like “parents”

by Phil Schneider

The family unit is under attack. Until the last decade or two, there has never been an issue about this. There were questions about being open-minded about homosexual tendencies. But there was no issue about the regular family unit consisting of a man, a women, and their children that they raise together. Today, there is a strong cancel culture battle that is being fought against anybody who claims that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

The battle against the family unit is a battle against the identity of a male and the identity of a female. It is not at all the extension of the women’s rights movement of the 60’s. It stands against any idea of the identity of a man or woman being a matter that is set in stone. In today’s new world order, choice is more important than science. Freedom does not merely mean the ability to choose. It means that nothing cannot be chosen. Meaning, there is no right and wrong. There are not unchanging facts. There are only feelings and choices about anything and everything.

What is perhaps more staggering about this is how quickly this movement has gained traction into the society of the Western world. In Muslim countries, this is absolutely forbidden and has not made much headway. But in the West, these ideas have become part and parcel of the openness that have become part of the accepted narrative of what is politically correct.

Let it be said loud and clear. This is not just absurd. It is completely abnormal and will bring down the world if it takes over. A society that has a birth rate of less than a certain amount of children per adult, will necessarily cease to exist after a few generations. But it is more than that. If absurd ideas dominate the leadership of any country, the path to extinction is near. Let us not make the mistake that so many others made in thinking that the Western world is based on ideas that keep it strong. If these ideas are breached, the Western world will face an onslaught from China or elsewhere that will ultimately undermine it’s very existence.

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