Israel, Greece, and Cyprus Forming Eastern Mediterranean Alliance

by Micha Gefen

Israel, Greece, and Cyprus continue to establish a long lasting alliance in the Eastern Mediterranean. This week they agreed to build a $6 billion undersea cable, running from Israel through Cyprus, and reaching Greece.

While the excitement about the growing security and economic partnerships between Israel, Greece, and Cyprus can be felt in those countries’ leaderships, Turkey is not happy about what appears to be an alliance designed to thwart its dreams of Ottoman expansion.

Erdogan is now claiming that the route of the undersea cable runs through Turkey’s territorial waters. The problem with that theory is Turkey views Cyprus as part of its territory. Thankfully, no one else in the world actually agrees.

With Israel forming a strong East Mediterranean alliance as well as building a unified front against Iran with its new Sunni Gulf friends, its geopolitical situation has never been better. Turkey may want to push back against Jerusalem, but has increasingly found it hard to do.

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