One Week Before Elections And Bibi Announces More Peace Treaties On The Way

by Micha Gefen

There are few people who have dared to make any sort of final prediction regarding Israel’s fourth election in two years. That being said, there are also few people who expect Prime Minister Netanyahu to be pushed aside.

With all of that being said, Netanyahu is still not taking any chances. He knows that no one else will have enough seats to become Prime Minister instead of him, but he wants to move beyond election season and start governing. For that he needs a coalition of 61 or more seats.

Although most polls put him at the cusp of the vaunted number he wants to close the deal. Last night in an interview on Ynet he made a surprising announcement concerning the real reason why he cancelled his campaign speech in Ashdod. The Prime Minister revealed that he was speaking to an important regional leader and part of the conversation was connected to four more potential peace deals with Arab states on the way.

“I brought four peace agreements, and there are another four on the way,” Netanyahu said. “I talked about one of them yesterday.” 

This may be just election spin, but the prospect of even more Arab states joining the Abraham Accords is impressive – especially if they are countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, or even Qatar.

Regardless of the outcome this coming Tuesday, one thing is for sure, Israel is fast becoming the foundation of a new regional order. The only question is, do Israeli’s believe that only Netanyahu can guarantee them the current forward momentum, or do they finally conclude that it is Israel itself that is the real reason for its change in fortune.

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