The Irony of “Palestinian” Flags at a Climate Conference

by Leah Rosenberg

Why are “Palestinian” flags at a climate conference? Do these people know what the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do to the environment?

“Palestinian” Flags at the Climate Conference – How Ironic

Are these people that uneducated? They are shouting “Free Palestine” at the Climate Conference, and yet they have no idea that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have destroyed the environment. They should really want that entire region to be free from the terrorists who send incendiary balloons into Israel, burn tires and send toxic smoke into the environment, and more. The “Palestinian” Authority dumps garbage everywhere and has illegal scrapyards with old vehicles sitting creating contamination. And don’t forget about the raw sewage and more that flows into rivers into Judea and Samaria.

The “Palestinians” and its supporters try to blame Israel for anything they can – but it’s all based on lies. People need to know the truth about how Hamas and the “Palestinian” leadership treat the environment. They need to know how foolish and ironic it is to support these terror groups that destroy the environment. And it goes without saying that these terrorists murder innocent Jewish men, women, and children as well as their own people!

Col. Kemp

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