The IDF Story that Highlights Why Many Israelis Demand Judicial Reform

by Hillel Fuld

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I’ll watch something, or hear something, and my blood begins to boil. My blood boils and my heart breaks.

I just watched one such video.

I’ve said this so many times but I’ll say it again. I can handle differing opinions. I am more than happy to debate anyone on any topic about which I am passionate.

Bring it on. BUT…

What I cannot handle is hypocrisy. I hate double standards so much!

I just watched a video that was just so horrible, it made me extremely sad and mad simultaneously.

The video, which is in Hebrew, showed some of the protestors against the judicial reform saying that this will lead to war; to “Blood in the streets.”

This is the new narrative, calls to violence to protest the reform.

Raviv Drucker, the Israeli journalist said “Blood needs to be spilled.” And then he added “Either real blood or metaphorical blood.” What does that even mean?

Anyway, that’s not the bad part. Not even close.

The presenter of the video then proceeded to say something along the lines of “You want to talk about blood being spilled? Ok let’s do that.”

And then he told the following horrible horrible story.

Rewind to 2005, and prime minister Sharon suggests that we disengage from Gaza unilaterally.

He said he’d take the issue to a vote of all members of the Likud party. And he did. They took a vote.

That day, one of the people who went to vote against the disengagement was Tali Hatueli.

She drove to Ashkelon with her four daughters to cast her vote.

On her way to the voting station, two terrorists who were hiding in the houses on the side of the road opened fire on Tali who was with her four daughters and in her 8th month of pregnancy. They forced her off the road with their gunfire. She was critically injured.

Those terrorists then walked over to the car and from range zero murdered Tali and her daughters. Tali was 39, Hila was 11, Hadar was 9, Roni was 7, and Merav was 2. They were all murdered in cold blood.

Truly truly horrible. That’s still not the horrible part, if you can believe that.

Sit down.

Two years before that, the IDF demanded from the government to destroy the houses on the side of that very same road. The army said that terrorists use the houses to hide and then attack Jewish drivers on that road.

The army said that those houses pose a definitive and immediate danger and need to be destroyed due to clear and present risks and military needs.

Left wing organizations appealed on behalf of those Palestinians who own those homes.

The supreme court accepted their appeal and canceled the order to destroy those homes.

Why? What did the Supreme Court of Israel say? That destroying those homes doesn’t align with basic principles of justice.

Tali and her daughters’ murderers used those homes to hide.

The day after the murder of Tali and her family, the head of the IDF went to the location and explained that the army said to the government that they needed to destroy those homes and they even offered compensation to the owners in order for them to relocate.

After the horrible attack, the government again ordered the destruction of those homes. Again, left wing organizations appealed, only this time, their appeal was rejected and the homes were destroyed.

So, let me get this straight. The army said that those homes will be used for terror attacks. The Supreme Court vetoed that decision. The homes were then used to murder a pregnant mother and her four children. Then the courts approved it?

But it was too late.

That is what’s called a corrupt court system, a judicial system that has WAY too much power to the level that the army says we need to do something to save lives and the courts think that we need to avoid hurting those peoples’ feelings by destroying their homes. Because the feelings of our enemies are more important than Jewish blood. Not metaphorical blood. Real blood!


But it doesn’t end there.

All those protestors who are so against this reform, what is their claim? That without the Supreme Court, the government can trample individual rights and can treat whoever they want however they want. So we need the supreme court to prevent that.

They say that if the government has too much power, it’s the end of our democracy. That it’s undemocratic to reform our judicial system so that the government has too much power.

So, let’s dissect those claims, shall we?

Is the supreme court in Israel the ultimate defender of human rights? Is upholding democracy the top priority of the courts and by extension, the left? Is that what this is really about?

Remember how I said above that Sharon said he’d take the Disengagement to a vote? You know, the election that Tali and her daughters were on the way to when they were murdered?

Sharon said he’d respect the results of that vote.

Guess what.

Most of the votes were AGAINST the disengagement from Gaza. Guess what Sharon did. He ignored the result and went ahead with it.

So did the left take to the streets about how undemocratic it was to ignore the election? Did the courts say a peep? No. Total crickets.

But it goes even deeper.

When Sharon went ahead with the disengagement, thousands of Jews were displaced from their homes. So they protested. And 6,000 Jewish protestors were arrested. Only 700 of them were indicted for protesting violently.

The other 5,300? They were detained, sometimes for long periods of time, many of them kids for NOTHING!

Why? Because they protested against something that the Likud party voted against.

THAT is undemocratic. And let’s not forget what happened as a result of the disengagement. Tens of thousands of rockets into Israeli cities and endless lives ruined.

Because Sharon undemocratically decided to go ahead with his disastrous plan.

That Supreme Court that wants to defend human rights? They established special courts for the people who were arrested protesting against the disengagement. That court approved facilities in which to keep the protestors. Human rights, my butt!

There was full blown collective punishment against the protestors approved by our Supreme Court justices.

When those kids were illegally and undemocratically detained for long periods of time, where were those same voices that we’re hearing today? The ones saying how this is the end of the democracy. The ones saying that this will destroy human rights. Were those kids not human? Did they not deserve protection? Where was the left then and why weren’t they yelling about human rights and democracy??

The very same judges who are now calling to fight this reform with all the resources at our disposal, those SAME judges are the ones who approved the long term detaining of children who were protesting the disengagement.

All of the appeals against the disengagement were taken by the president of the supreme court then, Aharon Barak. He took them himself so as not to present an obstacle to the execution of the disengagement. He wanted to rip those appeals up himself.

Oh, and here’s the kicker.

One of the supreme court judges back then was asked how they approved the destruction of ten thousand Jewish homes in Gush Katif and how that is not the total and complete obliteration of all human rights. These Jews did nothing wrong. And they were forcefully removed from their homes.

What did he respond?

“That was a political issue and the majority supported the disengagement. It’s not our job to oppose the majority of the nation.”

I cannot even begin to describe the levels of hypocrisy here.

When the human rights of tens of thousands of Jews were trampled as a result of their protests against a totally undemocratic political move by one man, Ariel Sharon, the left? Silence. The courts? They actively took a stance AGAINST protestors.

That’s right. Those same courts who are now taking a strong stance with the protestors who are protesting something that was an integral part of the political campaign of the right, who won the election, now all of a sudden, democracy doesn’t matter? Elections don’t matter? Now all that matters is human rights and how reducing the power of the Supreme Court will lead to human rights violations, right? Where were the calls for human rights when thousands were jailed for fighting for their homes?

The supreme court of Israel rejected the calls of the IDF and the army to destroy those homes because of “Human rights”. That decision led to the murder of a Jewish family.

That same court ignored human rights when it was Jews on the line who were democratically protesting what they believed was going to be a national disaster for the state of Israel (and they were right!). The courts didn’t only ignore the rights of those people. They actively stepped on their rights by detaining them for long periods of time. Kids! In these facilities for weeks and months. Why? For protesting the violent removal of their family from their homes.

I need to end this post. The more I think about this sick hypocrisy, the more my blood boils.

Tali and her family would not be dead if those structures would have been destroyed like the army demanded. But the Supreme Court said no.

And that is what I call a hypocritical two faced supreme court that has WAY too much power.

This needs to change and fast. That is why we need a reform and an urgent one.

This man in the picture? He’s Tali’s husband who lost his wife, four daughters, and unborn baby to terrorists who hid in a home that the army demanded be destroyed. The Israeli Supreme Court said no, and this man paid the price.

I am physically ill.

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