The Great Reset has Infiltrated Cabinets Worldwide and the Result is Terrifying

by Phil Schneider

There are many young leaders who have emerged in recent years in powerful positions all over the world. According to this report from “The Hill,” it is quite amazing to what extent there is a clear attempt to create a “Great Reset.” Meaning, the idea is to move the idea to a more worldwide authoritarian culture where young global leaders such as Prime Minister Trudeau, Macron and Merkel all work together in some way to influence the world with some common values.

Is this a conspiracy theory gone mad? Kim Iversen does her best to argue that this is a conspiracy theory that just may be true. Who are the people in this massive worldwide conspiracy? According to this seeming far-fetched idea of the powers that are working to run the world, the likes of Marc Zuckerberg, Nikki Haley, Ashton Kutcher, Pete Buttigieg, Prime Minister Trudeau, Tulsi Gabbard, Dan Crenshaw, George Soros, Van Jones, Gavin Newsome, Sonjay Gupta, and Leonrado DiCaprio are all somehow working together. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other are too old – so they are left off of the list.

It seems to me that this attempt to understand what is going on in the world today via the World Economic Forum running the beliefs of Justin Trudeau and Nikki Haley – or else they will be replaced – is far-fetched. Yes, power tends to try to hold on to power, and nepotism is a powerful force in the world. But to say that all of these people are working towards a state of the world that is authoritarian is far-fetched at best. Yes, the World Economic Forum, like other power-broker institutions in the world, wields much influence. But so does “Wall Street,” and so does NATO, and so does Congress, and so does CNN, and Fox News, and Twitter, and many other powerful institutions that vie for influence via money and power.

But, it would seem far from realistic to ascribe so much power to this small group of people who are connected to major institutions all over the world. If there are any individuals in the world today with progressive values that have more power than anyone else, I would venture to say that they are Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, and George Soros. But I doubt that Klaus Schwab is the most powerful person influencing the world today.

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