Must See Video: How the IDF Really Treats Arab Children

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you know the truth about the IDF? Many people don’t because the media spreads lies along with anti-Israel activists and groups.

What the IDF is Really About

No, the IDF is not out to harm anyone. Their goal is not to kill Arabs or harm Arab children. There are so many lies spread about the Israel Defense Forces, and people need to know the truth. The Israeli army’s goal is to defend the people of Israel and the state of Israel. When Israel’s enemies attack or try to kill Israeli citizens, Israel must respond. But the IDF is not a killing machine. They are not an army whose intention is to kill or harm anyone.

And this video is very telling of the nature of the Israeli soldiers. They want to create peace. They want to give. The soldiers are kindhearted.

The video here might be short and simple, but it says a lot. IDF soldiers giving a treat to two Arab children in a way that shows they care.

You will never see that from the other side. Hamas doesn’t give anything good to the Jewish people – or to their own people. The Palestinian Authority sends out “soldiers” to kill Jews and attack them. And somehow, the truth about both sides gets completely twisted. Then the world believes the lies.

The Israel Defense Forces is so much more than what the media shows you. The army defending the one and only Jewish state is not what much of the world wrongly makes them out to be. The truth must be told.

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