The former Hezbollah militant who became a rabbi

by Leah Rosenberg

This former Hezbollah member once fought against the Jewish State from Lebanon.  He was known as Ibrahim and used to fight against the Jewish State.  The last thing you would expect to find out when you meet this unique man.  He was born and raised in Lebanon, but underwent a radical transformation.

Spy in the 1st Lebanon War

In the first Lebanon war, Ibrahim met an Israeli soldier who helped his wife deliver a baby.  That was the beginning of a relationship that he had with the IDF.  In Lebanon, some Arabs hated other Arab terrorists in the area.  Ibrahim was a Shiite who was deep in the Arab Civil War in Lebanon.  He had to endure torture and all kinds of horrible things.  He was both hated by the Hezbollah, but then served as one of them.  But, he held a deep secret of revenge and turned into a spy for the State of Israel within the Hezbollah.

Escape to the Rabbinate

Ultimately, Ibrahim escaped and found refuge in the State of Israel.  And all of this is just the beginning of the story.   The next part of the story is the story of Ibrahim deciding to become a Jew.  Within a few years, he had studied enough and became an ordained Rabbi.

Today, Rabbi Avraham Sinai lives a life like an ordinary Orthodox Rabbi.  But, in truth, his fascinating past is beyond comprehension.  One in a million.

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