The Facts about the Latest Anti-Israel Blood Libel: The “Innocent” Hamas Journalist

by Avi Abelow

The news in Israel recently focused on two “horrific” things that Israel did. The IDF allegedly killed an “innocent” local Gaza journalist and a video went viral showing an IDF soldier celebrating a sniper kill on the Gaza border. After days of anti-Israel bashing without the facts, here are the facts. Unfortunately, the media will probably not correct their anti-Israel misreporting.

The Hamas Message

In the following video, you see the body of Yasser Murtaja being carried in the streets of Gaza. The Arabs made sure the whole world knew that Murtaja was a journalist, trying to paint Israel as killers of innocent journalists. This Hamas pr stunt worked wonders for them. That is exactly the message that the media was feeding around the world.

The story was that the IDF shot him for flying a drone over the Gaza border fence to take footage of Israel and the IDF forces, for his professional reporting.

Now for the facts

Yassar Murtage was a terrorist who was associated with the Hamas. He holds a rank similar to a captain. Murtage was paid regularly by the Hamas beginning in 2011. He used to drone to collect intelligence information on IDF forces on the front.

Murtage took advantage acting like a journalist in order to get away with terror-supporting activities. All while wearing a big vest with the word “Press” on it.

The Hamas PR War

Anyone who follows Hamas and their operations knows that they take advantage of Western sensitivities in order to maximize their terror. In previous Gaza wars, Hamas set up their headquarters in the basement of a working hospital, using all the doctors and patients as human shields to stop Israel from attacking them. Can you imagine the world’s reaction if Israel had attacked Hamas headquarters in the hospital, killing innocent doctors and sick patients? The world would not have cared about their terror headquarters in the basement. Israel would have been vilified. Hamas knows this and therefore gets away with planning murder and terror in a hospital, and the world is silent.

Hamas also shoots rockets from residential apartments and schoolsto kill innocent Israelis. Israel had to shoot to destroy these rockets to stop them from killing innocent Israelis. Israel called those residences to vacate. The IDF dropped leaflets to the ground with messages to vacate and only afterwards did Israel shoot. Sometimes Israel didn’t shoot because too many innocent people were in the vicinity of the rocket launchers. Israelis were endangered because of our Western sensibilities to not kill innocent civilians, even if it meant endangering our own civilians.

Lose-Lose for Israel

One of two things happened. If Israel held back from shooting to destroy the rocket launchers, in the schools or homes, then innocent Israelis were endangered. When Isreal did shoot to destroy them, Hamas issued press releases around the world with footage of schools and homes bombed by Israel. The press had a field day making Israel and Israelis look horrible.

More Hamas Media Manipulation

The evil manipulation of Hamas does not end there. Hamas uses ambulances to transport terrorists and bombs. Whenever Israel stops an ambulance, they issue press releases to the world making Israel look horrible for not allowing them to care for their sick and injured.

The list of their evil manipulation of the Western sensibilities goes on and on, and it includes using the people in the “press” to be active in helping their terror efforts.

Win-Win for Hamas

To the Hamas this is a win-win situation. If a “journalist” succeeds in his terror mission then they win. If a journalist gets killed in action then with the pr tsunami against Israel they also win.

Now that the facts are known, do you think the world media organizations are going to retract their previous reports about Israel killing an innocent journalist?

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