The facts about Israeli Arabs that prove the world lies about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The world thinks that Israel mistreats Israeli Arabs. But do you want to know the truth about the Arabs living under Israeli control?

Israeli Arabs Thrive in Israel

Not only do Israeli Arabs survive in Israel, but they thrive. They are given equal opportunities. They can be anything they want to be. They can vote for who they want in the Israeli Knesset (government). Arabs can be doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, nurses, teachers, policemen – anything.

The world spreads lies about Israel. They claim that Israel mistreats the Arabs. The only Arabs that are mistreated are the ones living under PALESTINIAN control. The Palestinian Authority mistreats its people. The Israeli government, on the other hand, treats its people equally – regardless of religion. It is not even the Jews claiming this – it is the Israeli Arabs themselves!

Apartheid State? Think Again.

Yoseph Haddad is an Israeli Arab. He is telling the world the truth about how he himself is treated in Israel. He is telling the world what they need to know: There is no apartheid. The 10 facts he gave here about Arabs in Israel are only 10 facts – there are so many more facts about the Arabs that show how they are treated under Israeli control.

Israeli Arabs serve in the army, win sports awards, and serve in the Israeli government. How in the world can anyone argue that they are treated as second class citizens?

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