The Disturbing Connection Between the UK Labour Party and Hamas

by Phil Schneider

The UK Labour Party is in a scary place. It has shown that it is able to elect a leader who has a clear antipathy towards everything that is Jewish and anything that smacks of Israel. That leader, Jeremy Corbyn barely hides behind a veneer of concern for the so-called “Palestinians.” He simply hates Jews. And he made it to the top of the heap of one of the two leading parties in the country. True, he did not become Prime Minister, but he did get very close and is still an influential politician.

In the United States, there is now a major party, the Democrat Party. that has central people that are anti-Israel and essentially anti-Jewish. They are not in the top positions of leadership. But there is a good chance that in the next few election cycles, there will be leaders that are squarely anti-Israel. Bernie Sanders was clearly the runner-up candidate for the nomination to run for the Presidency, and he doesn’t have anything positive to say about Israel.

It is not inconceivable at all that in the coming USA elections for Congress and the Senate, an anti-Israel candidate becomes a central player, and perhaps even the candidate. Some would even argue that Barack Obama was indeed that kind of a candidate. But, he was not able to push an outwardly anti-Israel agenda as his viewpoints were still too radical during the years of his Presidency. However, today Obama’s opinions have become mainstream in the Democrat Party. It is not inconceivable at all that the Democrat Party in the United States will become dominated by leaders who think like The Squad and Barack Obama. But this time around, they will openly speak out against Israel and actually support terror organizations like Hamas. The UK Labour Party should serve as a warning of what the United States could see itself facing in the near future.

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