Hamas Terrorist from Hebron Arrested by Police While Broadcasting Live from Facebook

by Leah Rosenberg

Someone can be broadcasting Live from Facebook and be doing good things, but there can also be a Hamas terrorist…

Broadcasting Live from Facebook…as a Terrorist

Israeli special forces arrested a Palestinian Arab named Marwan Al-Husseini who is a terrorist from Hebron. What was he doing while they managed to arrest him? He was broadcasting Live from Facebook from his vehicle! How insane! How does Facebook allow terrorists to be on its platform? Terrorists can broadcast live while pro-Israel voices and Conservative voices get shut down. It is terrifying how twisted the world is…

But one thing is for sure: The Jewish people will never stop going after our enemies who try to kill us. We will not give up. Jewish people are stubborn – and for good things too. Our history is too long and rich to stand by and watch as our enemies try to destroy us. They will not succeed. G-d will not let them. G-d knows that the people of Israel are a stiff-necked people. He made us that way for a reason.

The Jewish nation will continue to pursue those terrorists that try to destroy us. It doesn’t matter what they are doing or where they are, Israel will not just stand by and watch.

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