The Children of Israel Are Asking the World One Thing: “Stand by Me”

by Leah Rosenberg

Those in the world who stand against the innocent children of Israel are heartless and cruel, to say the least.

Please, World – Stand with the Children of Israel

This is extremely emotional to watch and listen to. The world is so focused on getting Israel to stop fighting and defending itself. They are so focused on “innocent” civilians in Gaza being injured and killed. But how can they ignore these precious faces? How can they ignore the children who have been kidnapped, murdered, beheaded, and more? Some of the world doesn’t care when Jewish blood is spilled. They are too focused on Israel’s response to the mass murder of its people instead of focusing on the pogrom that is causing Israel to respond.

But please, world: Can you stand by Israel? Can you stand by these children who are pleading for your support? They are innocent. The children and babies who were murdered are innocent. They children and babies who were kidnapped are innocent. And for those who say otherwise, they are guilty of helping Hamas murder innocent Jews. They are terrorist supporters.

Israel should never be told how to respond to what happened on October 7. Any other country would wipe out the terrorist group without thinking twice. They would continue to bomb Gaza. But when Israel does it, the world talks about having a “proportionate” response. Is there such thing? Is there such thing as a “proportionate” response to what Hamas did on that horrifying, gruesome day? Let’s see how BBC reporters would respond if it was their children being beheaded. Let’s see how organizations like IfNotNow would respond if it was their babies being murdered in front of their eyes.

Listen to the children who are crying out: “Stand by me.”

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