Israeli Arab Threatens Hamas in Shocking Video

by Phil Schneider

Will Israel stand up and completely eradicate the threat of Hamas in Gaza? They have certainly begun to do the job. They have bombed most of the nerve centers of Hamas that are above ground. However, with the millions of dollars of US taxpayer money and European Union funding, the Hamas has built an intricate tunnel system beneath the ground. Meaning, for all of the humanitarian money that was poured into Gaza, 80 – 90% was spent on digging tunnels and puring cement.

Could anybody imagine if America would try to deal with their illegal immigrant problem by throwing money at Mexico and carving out a small State for the immigrants in Southwestern Texas? Then, could anyone imagine how America would react if all of the money was used to launch an offensive war against the United States?

Just like the attack on Pearl Harbor woke up the sleeping American giant and everyone began to mobilize, both at home and abroad to meet the enemy and destroy the worldwide threat of Germany and Japan, the Hamas attack on Israel has destroyed any illusion that anyone had concerning the chance of a peaceful reconciliation in Israel with the Arabs in Israel’s midst.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priority of Israel at this time is to rebuild and beef up every aspect of it’s security apparatus – especially in the small towns. This is where the ongoing attempts to kill Jews will be felt more than anywhere else. But nobody is fooling themseleves anymore. Israel before October 7th is completely different than Israel after October 7th. It is a more unified, driven, and focused country that will succeed in restoring the clear military edge against it’s enemies. After that is achieved, Israel will settle down and decide what to focus on. But first things first.

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Conrad October 29, 2023 - 2:17 pm

The One that can beat Israel militarily was still not born even you combine all her evil enemies. Who can beat the chosen people of GOD? Nobody can beat Israel as HASHEM promise and said I will destroy all your enemies. Shalom Israel keep safe and never trust your enemies. GOD bless people of Israel.

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