Captivating Interviews: 2 IDF Soldiers’ Personal Accounts from the War Zone

by Leah Rosenberg

These two IDF soldiers are truly remarkable people. You will be glued to your screen as you listen to their stories.

“Famous” IDF Soldiers

These two IDF soldiers, Arky Staiman and Rudy Rochman, have become “famous” in a sense. They have – each in his own way – gone above and beyond for the Jewish people. They are trying to strengthen the Jewish people and share the truth with the world.

These soldiers have families and friends – like every soldier. These are soldiers who have people who love them and care about them. They are missing their loved ones deeply and want this war to end. But as badly as they want this war to end, they also will do anything and everything for the people of Israel. They are putting their lives on the line for the Jewish homeland and for all of their brothers and sisters.

When people hear of IDF soldiers, they cannot always put faces to the soldiers. If someone doesn’t know someone in the army (which is highly unlikely for those who live in Israel), it might be hard to realize that these soldiers are just “regular” people doing heroic things. They have wives and children. They have parents and brothers and sisters. They have friends. They have hopes and dreams for themselves and for those they love.

Hearing from these two heroes is unbelievable. Let’s pray that they can go home soon to their families. Let’s pray for the peace of the state of Israel, the Jewish people, and the world.

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