The Black Americans Who Unmasked the Truth About the Democrats

by Phil Schneider

The Democrat Party has generally speaking won the vast majority of the black vote over the last century. This trend reached it’s peak in specific elections. Richard Nixon was not popular among black voters, nor was Barry Goldwater. One of the most popular Democrat Presidents with the Black voters was Bill Clinton. Hillary was less popular. This may seem like some interesting Presidential tidbits. But actually, the Black vote in the United States wields enormous power – especially in Congress and the Senate. There are some very interesting things going on these days in reference to the Black vote. It is arguably the most important part of the electorate that can be shifted from Democrat to Republican – if handled properly.

Donald Trump actually increased the Black vote for the Republican Party. This probably came as a surprise to many Democrats. It is not that Donald Trump was so popular with so many Black people. It is because he had some very specific messages that resonated with around 10-20% of the Black population. The economic upward spin that Donald Trump brought until the coronavirus pandemic brought things down again was felt by nearly the entire American population. Trump’s messaging were not geared to impress the weakest elements of society. But they did resonate with the middle class. One of the most impressive attributes of Donald Trump has been his ability to resonate with the middle class though he has been a billionaire businessman for decades.

Ultimately, the Black vote will continue to be one of the most important parts of the electorate that the Republicans must work on puncturing. They don’t need to even receive 25% of the vote, but they can’t win elections with only 5% of the Black vote. Videos like the one above are important for this reason.

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