Is Iran Closer Than You Think to Getting the Bomb?

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran has been hell-bent on getting the bomb for more than 3 decades now. But, they have been stopped again and again by Israel – and sometimes by the USA too.

In 1979, the Ayatollahs overthrew the Shah in Iran, and instead of a friendly, yet problematic dictatorship, the world got a radicalized Muslim-led country that had dreams of world domination via destruction of the West. What occurred in 1979, under Jimmy Carter, is very similar to what just occurred in Afghanistan under Joe Biden.

It takes years to build up an atom bomb. But Iran knew very well that if they could attack Israel with the atom bomb, they would be able to assume international leadership of the radical Muslim world, and become a major world leader. The dreams of the Ayatollahs are serious. Perhaps the most important lesson of the Holocaust is to take the threats of crazed leaders who assume power seriously. Yes, Hitler was crazy. Yes, the Ayatollahs are crazy. Therefore they must be stopped, not just mocked, but stopped. Israel, under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, kept their eye on the ball. He never let up in his focusing on the Iranian threat. He was right. It was and remains the #1 security issue for the State of Israel. Under the Trump administration, Israel had a friend who’s sanctions weakened the Iranian economy to such a point that the country nearly imploded. But Joe Biden has brought back the Obama-type policies of appeasement. Are we now closer than we think to an Iranian bomb?

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