The Biden Admin Caused the Most Extraordinary Betrayal in US History

by Phil Schneider

There has been a debate about American policies of isolationism for as long as the United States is in existence. George Washington had to decide if the United States would intervene on France’s side in their battle against England. After all, had not France helped in the Battle of Independence against England? But George Washington decided to set a precedent of non-intervention on the other side of the Atlantic. This was controversial and opposed by many in the United States. Had we not betrayed our alliance with the French? The debate on matters such as these continues to this day.

During the first years of World War I, the United States was very hesitant about sending troops abroad to fight in the battles of Europe. But as the war dragged on, it became clear to the leadership of the United States that if they would not intervene, the alternative would be worse. So, America joined the fray and helped make sure that peace was restored to Europe and the rest of the world. This debate – join or avoid confrontation – did not end wit the war. It continued for decades afterwards – and really continues to this day.

But in 1939 and 1940, as the Nazi party, led by Adolf Hitler, invaded country after country in Europe and grabbed nearly everything – except for England, FDR found himself in a situation where he needed to persuade the United States to get involved in fighting for freedom. It was very simple. If Germany took over Europe and a big chunk of the Soviet Union, and England and the United States would stand down and appease Germany, it would invite more and more takeovers by Germany. Appeasement didn’t work when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, and it has never worked with dictators. They only understand force. Are the Taliban any different? No. They are the same. They hold machine guns, because that is the language that they understood – force. America indeed did betray our Afghan allies, and should get back in and fix the wrong. But that won’t happen under this President. He and his supporters will gloat about the heroic rescue efforts, and ignore all of the massacres that are probably already occurring all over Afghanistan. This is a man-made humanitarian disaster that was created via betrayal – for no good reason.

Roe vs. Wade

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