IDF Special Forces Kill Teenage Muslim Terrorist in Midnight Raid

by Leah Rosenberg

Would any sane person really say that the IDF special forces had a choice here? When someone is trying to kill you, you must defend yourself.

IDF Special Forces Kill Terrorist

After going into the Balata refugee camp in Nablus to arrest a terrorist, the IDF special forces unit that entered was attacked from rooftops. The IDF would never want to kill an innocent 15 year old, but when there is a terrorist trying to kill you, you have to fight back. And that is how a 15 year old armed “Palestinian” teenage terrorist named Imad Hashash was killed. It is sad that he didn’t get to live the life of a child – learning about peace, love, and life. It’s sad that his community and leadership trained him to kill Jews instead of making peace. That is the tragedy in this story, and the world needs to know that. The world needs to know why there are teenaged Muslim terrorists and why they are sometimes killed by the IDF. You cannot take any of this out of context.

The 15 year old terrorist was about to throw a boulder on top of IDF troops. They shot him before he could. Boulders are deadly weapons. First Sgt. Amit Ben-Yigal was killed last year in May when a boulder was thrown on his head by a terrorist. So yes, the IDF had every right to defend itself and kill the terrorist first. The IDF was also met with live fire here, giving them more of a reason to shoot back.

What would you do? What would you want your army to do? Most of the world would probably want their army to do exactly what the IDF did, but when it comes to Israel, there is a double standard.

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