The Bible’s Surprising Secret to a Happy Marriage

by Leah Rosenberg

Anyone who is married wants to have a happy marriage. But how can we do that? G-d gave us the answers through His Torah.

The Bible’s Key to Having a Happy Marriage

This idea is beautiful. The Bible always has the answers because it is G-d’s word. We need to look to G-d and the Torah for everything. And when it comes to relationships, of course G-d has imparted His wisdom to us through His Bible. Having a happy marriage is by no means easy. But it is of the utmost importance. A spouse is one’s literal soulmate.

Marriages are not going to be perfect. People have different opinions. People argue. And when two people are married, there are of course going to be disagreements. But do we grow from those fights? Do we strive to be better people? Do we want to help our spouse become better? Do we put G-d at the center of our marriage? Men and women were created differently, and that is how G-d intended it. They are not supposed to be the same. Together, a man and a woman complete each other.

The Torah is filled with meaningful insights that are meant to make our lives better and holier. Whether it be about marriage, other relationships, or how we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, we must turn to the Creator of the world for guidance. We must pray that we can internalize His Torah and make it our way of life. Living a life according to G-d’s word is how it’s supposed to be, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

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