The BDS Movement hides its antisemitism behind anti-Zionism

by Leah Rosenberg

The BDS Movement is antisemitic. They may try to mask themselves behind anti-Zionism, but the two are one and the same: Anti-Zionism IS antisemitism!

The World Sees The BDS Movement

The world has been seeing the BDS Movement for what it really is. And it is really nothing more than antisemites who want to destroy the Jewish state AND the Jewish people. They claim to fight for the justice of Palestinian Arabs. But they do not. And countries like Germany, France, Canada, the UK, and America have opened their eyes to the truth.

World leaders have spoken up against the movement and publicly condemned what they really are. It is time EVERYONE does!

Founders Have Made Goals Clear

A co-founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti, is not shy about his views toward Israel and the Jewish people. And he spreads lie after lie.

Anti-Zionism IS antisemitism. Omar Barghouti even proves it when he opens his mouth. The BDS Movement has somehow become an organization that claims they stand against Israel because of “Palestinian oppression” and that they are only against the idea of Zionism. Let’s not be naive. Being against the one and only Jewish state is antisemitic. Especially when that one and only Jewish state is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East AND the place where Muslims have the most freedom!

BDS Exposed
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