The tourist’s guide to visiting Israel

by Chaya Cikk

The one tourist’s guide you will never forget. There are so many pamphlets, lists online, videos and so much more telling you all the fun things to do in Israel. But this one is different, this is a list of things to do or not to do.

Tourist’s Guide

Israel is a fascinating place! One that you will never forget. There are so many fun cool places to visit. Such as the Western Wall, Hezekiah’s Tunnels, the nightlife of Tel Aviv. The Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, Eilat. The list goes on and on and on. Whether you love history, a good party, archaeology, or religion there is something here for you.

Israel is a major travel destination. In 2017 alone there were 3.6 million people!!! who visited Israel. What’s even better for Israel is that over 20 billion Shekels were poured into the Israeli economy!

This video, however, is no normal guide for those tourists visiting Israel. This is a guide of what not to be afraid of. One of the major shocks people have when coming to Israel is the number of soldiers there are! They are everywhere! Yes, they carry guns as well. They are there to protect and defend Israel. They may even smile and take a picture with you.

Another shock to many tourists is the siren. There is one on Holocaust Memorial Day, one at night on Remembrance Day for soldiers and others who were murdered and one during the day. For these three sirens, everyone stops what they are doing and standstills. The country is silent for two minutes.

Additionally, Israel is a country full of many different religions. You should try and be respectful to all of them. Also at their religious sites, such as the Western Wall, where they may ask you to dress appropriately. Finally, one way to learn all these cool things about Israel is by coming to visit!

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