Dr. Mordechai Kedar says a fact about peace that explains why there’s none in the Middle East

by Phil Schneider

Dr. Kedar explains some very important basic facts about World War II history as it relates to peace in the Middle East. Why did Europe change after World War II? Because Germany decided that it was not worth it for them to fight wars any more as it brought unmitigated destruction upon themselves and tens of millions of dead Germans. However, he points out that the Arabs do not know what the concept of peace is within themselves. Arabs do not live in peace between each other, so how can they offer it to others?

Can Money Buy Peace in the Middle East?

Jared Kushner and the Trump Administration’s Bahrain conference was largely based on major economic incentives thrown in the direction of populations like the Arab refugees in the Middle East. This is a valiant effort that will probably fail. Without a question, the idea of throwing money at a problem is not sufficient in nearly all situations. There needs to be alot of thought and planning as to where the money will go in order to fix the problems. In the case of the Middle East, there are two core problems that must be dealt with in order to really make major headway in the direction of a peaceful resolution.

Corruption and Open-Minded Education

As long as the leadership of countries and groups of Arabs populations are corrupt and not exactly models of morality, it will be very difficult to make any headway. In addition, as long as children are being taught across the Middle East to hate and not dream of an open-minded life. But there is no indication nearly anywhere that this is what is going on. The billions of dollars that were discussed in Bahrain would be better spent on directions to open up the minds of young Arabs to a different life that doesn’t include radical Muslim theology. The best minds should be used to develop apps that will somehow be in front of the eyes of the young Arab minds that will literally change their mindsets from dreams of radical directions and focus on other values.

Arab Incitement
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