The Answer to Life’s Challenges Lies in this Jewish song

by Leah Rosenberg

This catchy Jewish song is sung by Joey Newcomb. Listen once, and you won’t be able to stop singing it. Thank You Hashem!

Thank You Hashem – The Ultimate Jewish Song

Life is filled with moments. Some of those moments are more joyous, and some are more challenging. What should the proper response be when life gives you lemons? When G-d throws challenges your way? Although it is not easy, we need to thank G-d for the good and the seemingly not-so-good. We need to know that whatever He gives us is for our best. Just like a parent knows what is best for his child, even if the child does not understand, even more so, G-d knows what’s best for us. And we must thank Him that He is giving us what is best for us. That is what this Jewish song is all about.

Thank You Hashem, our G-d.

There is a reason for everything. Even something as small as missing the train is directly given to a person by G-d. It is not random. And because life has a purpose, it makes the hard times more manageable.

The Hebrew words of this song are “Hodu LaShem ki tov ki l’olam chasdo” and “Hapa’am odeh et Hashem.” The first line is from Psalms and means “Thank G-d because He is good, and His mercy lasts forever.” The second phrase is from the Five Books of Moses when Leah, the matriarch, thanks G-d after having her fourth son. It means “This time, I will praise G-d.”

The song is simple, yet powerful. Sometimes, the simplest words say everything.

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