Democratic Rep. Shocks Liberals with His Pro-Israel Statement

by Phil Schneider

When will there be peace in the Middle East? The answer is quite simple. When the Arabs put their weapons down and stop trying to kill Jews in Israel. When will that happen? It can happen in two different ways. Either the Arabs will lose interest in attacking Jews and Israel or they will feel powerless against the enormous might of the Israeli Armed Forces. It is really that simple. Today, neither of those two conditions stands. So, there is no peace in the Middle East.

The Middle East is not the only place in the world with seemingly intractable problems. The Ukraine has been a bone of contention between Russia and Europe for centuries. Yugoslavia has seen strife between it’s inhabitants for centuries. The Far East has not had a long span of quiet and peace for more than a few decades.

But yes, the Middle East is indeed different. Israel – until recently stood alone against a myriad number of Arab states. But today, it has signed a few peace agreements with the more moderate Arab countries – the type of countries that fear Iran and ISIS more than they fear the State of Israel. But Iran and ISIS still exist today. Iran works with Hamas and Hizbullah – both of whom are perched right next to Israeli border towns – on the southwestern end of Israel and the northern border. They are enemies who’s goal is no different than the goals of ISIS. They want to bring down the West and Israel. If they would have the power to, they would bomb Israel into oblivion. Actually, they have attempted just that. But Israeli and Western technology has since rebuffed those efforts.

The key to peace in the Middle East is Israel’s use of disproportionate force. If Hamas-ISIS and Hizbullah in the North know that for every bomb that they shoot in Israel, they will have 10-20 bombs rained down on their terror bunker network, they will think twice. The bully’s of the world only understand force. Ultimately, they will cry “uncle” and crawl into the negotiating table. That’s how you get to a peaceful resolution in the Middle East.

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