The amazing story of an Arab Muslim Bedouin living in Israel

by Chaya Cikk

This is an absolutely fascinating story of an Arab Muslim Bedouin. The experiences he has had living in Israel. His experience about how people view one of his life choices, which was joining the IDF.

Arab Muslim Bedouin

The Bedouins are a people that have always lived in a desert climate. In Arabic Bedouin means desert dweller. Many bedouins are shepherds and live in southern Israel. There are other tribes that live across Israel. Many of these tribes live a modern lifestyle and have integrated into Israeli life.

These Bedouins are fully Israeli citizens. They vote, go to the same universities, shop at the same stores. In this case, Mohammed Kabiya joined the Israeli Defense Forces, he served in the Air Force. He said there are many Arab Muslim Bedouins who are joining the IDF. They feel that this is their country as well and they are protecting their country by serving. Mohammed continues to say that it is a great feeling as everyone in the army is referred to as “achi” my brother.

However, being an Arab Muslim living in Israel there have been mixed feelings from the Arab side. Arabs are brought up to hate Israel, they are the enemy. If you are watching the Al-Jazeera TV network you will see nothing but hate for Israel. But Mohammed requests that you should visit Israel and see the amazing things Israel does.

Additionally, there are many factories where Jews and Arabs work side by side. They attend university together, they study together. They also attend the same stores in the same malls! But you don’t see this on an Arab TV network. Furthermore, the Quran mentions the Jewish people as the People of the Book. It also mentions some of the prophets that are also mentioned in the Bible.

Finally, everyone has their own struggles. It is amazing to see these people overcome their struggle. Possibly, going against what the majority of their people would do.

Arab Incitement
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