Omar and Tlaib share horrifying cartoons from Holocaust denier!

by Leah Rosenberg

Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is the rest of the Democratic party? Another line has been crossed. Sharing cartoons from a Holocaust denier is despicable!

Why is Nancy Pelosi Silent?

Why won’t Nancy Pelosi speak out again Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for their blatant and abhorrent antisemitism? They have crossed every line in the book. They have done things like comparing Israel to Iran and Nazi Germany. Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib have sided with Hamas and terrorism instead of standing up for innocent Israelis. These two congresswomen have lied time and time again about Israel and the Jewish people.

And now, they shared a horrific cartoon that was created by none other than a Holocaust denier! Where is the outrage? It is truly sickening.

Mocking the Holocaust

This cartoonist mocks the Holocaust. Omar and Tlaib are mocking the Holocaust as well. If that does not infuriate every moral person, then nothing will. Pelosi is just joining the crew by remaining silent. Does she really want to be part of the group that makes jokes about the Holocaust? Why is she afraid to speak out? Why does she have such a hard time condemning Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib when what they do and say is so, so reprehensible and shameful? They are truly an embarrassment to the American people. And Pelosi’s silence is an embarrassment as well.

The Jewish people are waiting for the leaders of the Democratic party to speak out. Americans are waiting. Every moral person is waiting.

Dr. Risch

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