The Amazing Scenes on the Streets of Israel – Wartime Update

by Avi Abelow

Posted on a telegram chat:

I see mothers of soldiers on the front lines volunteering in supermarkets.

I see rabbis leaving their communities, traveling 48 hours across multiple countries to return home and fight for their country.

I see people who have never said a word of praise in favor of the Israeli army crying with tears for God to protect them and keep them safe.

I see thousands of men, young and old, teenagers, spending all night digging graves for their brethren to be brought to proper burial.

I see videos of stores in Jewish neighborhoods around the world, completely cleaned out of every possible supply that could be sent in duffel bags on cargo planes to the holy land.

I see soldiers with uncovered heads pleading for tzitzit from those who arrived to offer them sweets.

I see restaurants turning over their kitchens to become kosher in order to serve any soldier a free meal.

I see real estate agents begging for families from the south to enter their empty apartments for free.

I see Jews in uniform swearing they will not come back home until they wipe out the enemy completely.

I see police officers feeding bottles to babies who no longer have parents.

I see grooms who traded in their wedding suits for machine guns.

I see women changing from their hospital gowns in maternity wards into army fatigues in intelligence war rooms.

I see teenage girls with flags at 2:30 in the morning dancing for soldiers who have returned to fight who simply cannot believe their eyes.

I see reservists refusing to take more food, because their tanks cannot hold the amount they’ve already received.

I see young men dodging rockets on army bases, while in middle of sending messages of strength to Jewish schoolchildren thousands of miles away.

I see God’s nation, waking up, coming together, and doing everything in their power so that “Never Again” is not just a slogan.

I see Am Yisrael.

Tell me, what do you see?

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