Terrorist’s Mother Proud of her Son & the Jewish Response to Terror

by Avi Abelow

What an absolute sickness. Our enemies our sick, happy that their children murder innocent Jews. Yet, the Jewish response to terror is one of giving, love and appreciation to our IDF soldiers. That difference is all the proof one needs of which side is good and which side is evil. Watch the following video to see both.

This is the mother of the terrorist who murdered an IDF soldier and the father of 12, just two weeks ago. Her video saying how proud she is of her son was viewed more than 50 million times! That is sick! These people hate us, they support murdering us, even with their mothers proud of them!

What else needs to be known to see how sick a society “palestine” represents? It is a culture of genocide and murder, where the children are educated and incited to murder Jews.

The Jewish Response? Falafel for Soldiers

Juxtaposed with that horror, you then see how people from all around the world responded to Gedalya Blum’s call to buy hot Falafel as a way of saying thank you and appreciation to the IDF soldiers working so hard to protect us.

That difference says everything. Anyone who truly wants a world of peace must support Israel in defeating the evil, then we will all enjoy the fruits of living in an environment of giving, appreciation and gratitude. That’s how we Jews role…

High Holidays

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