Terrorists March in Nablus with Dozens of Stolen IDF Weapons

by Leah Rosenberg

How can this have happened? And then without any response from our leaders? What’s going on! These are IDF weapons!

Terrorists Flaunt Their Stolen IDF Weapons

This is absolutely ridiculous. Stolen IDF weapons! In the hands of terrorists! And nothing is done about it? Aren’t our leaders supposed to protect us? Aren’t there supposed to be consequences for a crime like this one? This was not even just one stolen weapon. There are DOZENS of stolen weapons here!

Here is the translation of the Tweet (According to Google Translate): “A procession of terrorists today in Nablus together with the mother of a terrorist who was killed. Dozens of IDF weapons stolen. Does anyone know why these terrorists are not massacred from the air? Why were the weapons not collected? Gantz slept on his nose.”

It is truly a disturbing scene. And it is truly disturbing that they can get away with doing something like this. Enough of our leaders responding lightly to terrorism!

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