Biden’s Dangerous Mistake Makes Even Obama Look Good

by Phil Schneider

Who is making the decisions in the Biden administration? Is it Joe Biden? Is it former Obama advisors? If so, who is the one pulling the strings behind the scenes? Whoever it is, one thing is clear. They have no problem tossing Israel under the bus, and no problem making decisions that place the Iranian threat on Israel back to the front of Israel’s main concerns.

Iran was on the ropes during the Trump administration. Following eight years of Obama policies that basically gave Iran a free hand to continue their arms buildup towards a nuclear weapon, Donald Trump turned the clock back and clamped down on Iran with crippling sanctions.

Even with Russian aggression giving the entire world a rude awakening as to the seriousness of brutal dictators, inexplicably, the Oval Office seems to think that Iran is not much of a world threat anymore. There is a difference between Iran and Russia. Putin is a crazy and brutal dictator who cares about Russian pride. Iran’s Ayatollahs are crazy and brutal, but also looking to create a better next world for themselves. So, they are even more dangerous. The world has gotten exponentially more dangerous over the last few months. Now, it is getting even worse.

The world needs real leadership in the Oval Office…

Col. Kemp

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