Take a look at the deja vu with Gaza

by Phil Schneider

This video is from 5 years ago. Is there anything that is not relevant about it today? Every detail in this video hits it on the nose. The crux of the video is that the battle against Israel today is driven by one thing – pure hatred of the Jewish people. It is the same old hatred – but in a new form. If Israel lies down and does nothing, it will simply be killed by Hamas missiles from Gaza. If it shoots back, then it gets criticized for being violent.

The New-Old Jews

Well, the world needs to get used to the new reality. The Jews in the Diaspora would fight with their passports. The Jews in the Land of Israel fight with F-16’s, Tanks, artillery, and special units that hit back – and hit back hard. Often, people mistake the modern Israeli as being “New Jews.” But what they forget is that the ancient Jew, the one in the Bible was a fighter. He lived in the Land of Israel and fought – and fought hard. The ancient Jewish forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all did battles in the Land of Israel against enemies – physical battle. King Saul and King David fought against enemies and fought hard.

The modern-day Israelis are the modern-day continuation of the Biblical heroes. They care about civilians and have no intention of harming anybody. But they understand that the Jewish people will either have to fight hard or be killed. So, they fight hard. The world screams – that’s OK. As long as the world understands that the modern Israelis will not be pushed around, then Israel will be secure. As long as people think that Israelis will not fight back hard, the attacks will continue. The new world order in the State of Israel is a much better world for the Jewish people. It is the safest time to be a Jew in the history of the world.

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