Syrian parents send young child to blow up police station in Damascus

by Leah Rosenberg

This is the culture that too much of the Muslim world worships. When Syrian parents send their children to carry out suicide missions, that is just sick!


Syrian Parents Sent Children to Death

You can see in this video how repulsive the culture is. These Syrian parents are preparing their children to carry out suicide missions. They actually send them to death. How can any parent do that to their children? They teach them that they are going straight to heaven, straight to God. Radical Muslims educate with death. It is extremely frightening and upsetting to see children live life this way, if you can even call it life. But their parents force these kids to cut their lives short with suicide missions.


You hear the mother saying, “No one is too young for Jihad, because now, Jihad is a duty for every Muslim.” How can any mother want her child to die? What a sick culture!

These ideas need to be eradicated from the world. This culture must be eliminated. Because too many children are living frightening lives that are often cut short because of suicide missions and other similar missions. And if their physical life hasn’t yet been cut short, their emotional well being is lost. They are living a life that NO child should be living.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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