Syrian comedian breaks down Trudeau’s insanity better than any politician could

by Michael Sax

PM Justin Trudeau allows ISIS fighters to return to Canada. It is quite normal for people to criticize public officials and elected leaders. Yet Justin’s actions, while creating much material for comedians, paints a frightening picture of what Canadians are faced with.

This Canadian leader is also the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He is relatively young, and people question his motives.  For good reason. Let’s look at some examples.

Justin Trudeau and ISIS

ISIS – Islamic extremists – are committing horrible atrocities and killing many people. Yet when the Canadian PM was discussing ISIS, he called them “foreign travelers.”  That’s a nice term we use to call teens backpacking across Europe. Or what my cousin is called when he goes on vacation. That is NOT what we call Islamic terrorists. Is Trudeau crazy? Did he forget that Islamic terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and killed thousands of Americans?  These are people are “foreign travelers”?!??

ISIS and Italians – According to Justin Trudeau

The Prime Minister also discussed ISIS terrorists who return to Canada. But won’t this jeopardize every other Canadian? Trudeau said there are plans to “deprogram” them.   Ahem? It’s that simple?  Simply deprogram them so they don’t want to cut our heads off and slaughter non-Muslims?  Oh, if it was only that simple.

Surprisingly, Trudeau compared Islamic State terrorists to Italian immigrants after World War Two.  Excuse me?  There is a huge difference.  Islamic extremists want to kill non-believer men, women, and children. They want to place bombs on planes and public places.

So, what is Canadian PM Trudeau thinking? What are his true motives? Can he successfully “deprogram” them?  These are important questions.  Yet most importantly, what are his plans for ISIS?  What will these ISIS fighters do once they return to Canada?  This is too important to ignore.

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