Israel fears Syrian poison gas may leak into Israel

by Phil Schneider

Chemical Weapons in Syria are a major issue.  Assad, the Syrian dictator, clearly does not hesitate to use chemical weapons to kill opponents. 

Israel needs to be extremely vigilant about weapons of mass destruction in their neighboring countries.

Although Syria is the #1 culprit that Israel keeps its eyes on, Syria may very well be #2.  One thing is clear – Assad would not hesitate to use weapons of mass destruction.

Operation Orchard

In September, 2007, Israel attacked a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria.  For more than a half a year, the US and Israel did not announce anything about the air raid.  But a few years later, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that the site that Israel attacked was indeed a nuclear reactor.

Prime Minister Olmert was not a popular Prime Minister in Israel.  However, this decision was a fateful decision.  He decided to act unilaterally in order to prevent Syria from attaining nuclear capability.  This was his best move as Prime Minister.

This attack followed a previous related attack.

In the book, “Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad,” Gordon Thomas writes about another secret mission.

Israel attacked a North Korean freight train in 2004.  The Mossad learned that dozens of Syrian nuclear technicians were sitting together in a train compartment.  According to Thomas, the Syrians arrived in North Korea to collect fissionable material stored in the wagon. All of the technicians were killed in the train explosion.

This duo of attacks kept the Syrian nuclear program from gaining steam.

If only Israel would not have to keep such a watchful eye on its neighbors.  But, the stakes are just too high.

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