Syria – The Never Ending War

by Micha Gefen

While Bashar Assad has succeeded with Russian help in reconquering much of Syria, or at least the parts that are meaningful to his regime, there are still many areas that are under constant fighting.

Between Turkish backed groups in Idlib and jihadists still attacking government forces, the Syrian Arab Army under the Assad regime backed by Russian raw power has been chipping away at the last provinces.

Given the fact that Idlib is so contested between groups backed by the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) means it is being set up top be a blood bath.

All of this has lent to 850,000 civilians over the last number of years having fled Syria to mostly go to Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. Many of the refugees in Turkey have moved into Europe. The refugees crisis threatens to further destabilize the EU or those countries like France and Germany who accepted large amounts of refugees.

While most of these civilians are just seeking a better life, there have been known ISIS and jihadi cells embedded within the migrant streams that have entered Europe.

The Syrian war has taken a tremendous toll on these civilians and in many ways eviscerated the long standing, yet artificial borders of the Sykes-Pichot agreement that split up the Middle East between France and Great Britain.

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