Corona Pandemic: More than 90 Students are Quarantined in Israel

by Gavriel Dan

The corona pandemic has officially landed and no I am not talking about the three Israelis were on the cruise ship, but rather the Korean tourists who were reported to have the virus when they got back to Korea from their trip to Israel.

This has caused a huge scare throughout the country since this group of tourists had travelled just about everywhere. The government has not taken a chance and now there are about 200 students in quarantine between Beer Sheva and Afula as they had contact with the group.

In response, Israel has started to turn away flights from South Korea as the US has upped the threat level coming out of that country.

The Corona virus has shut down the Chinese economy and killed thousands of people in that country and beginning to spread around the world. Nearly 700 million Chinese are on some form of lockdown – that is 10 percent of the world’s population.

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