Students at Tel Aviv University Call for Intifada Just Hours Before Tel Aviv Terror Attack

by Leah Rosenberg

Why should these people get to benefit from Tel Aviv University, an ISRAELI university? They are calling for the murder of Jews!

Calling for the Murder of Jews at Tel Aviv University

This is actually absurd and sickening. Just hours before the terror attack in Tel Aviv that murdered three innocent Israelis, students at Tel Aviv University called for an intifada. They called for the murder of Jews. What is absolutely insane is that these students are Israeli citizens benefitting from an Israeli university! They get to learn and study in college in ISRAEL! And then they claim there is an occupation? That they are being oppressed? That they want to destroy the very place they are getting an education from? Ridiculous!

Israeli Arabs who call for the murder of Jews should not be allowed in the universities. If they don’t want to live in Israel, they don’t have to. No one is forcing them to. They can go live in one of the many Arab countries that exist.

Yet, they still live in the Jewish state and get all the benefits that the Jewish state offers. And then they call for an intifada. When they say it, they mean it. These things cannot be taken lightly. Look what happened just hours later. Horrific. Enough.

Additionally, many, if not all, of the Arab Israelis at this protest at Tel Aviv University, were possibly only admitted to the University due to affirmative action policies (pushing Jewish Israelis to study abroad) who then get good jobs in Israel, across Israeli society, including as doctors/nurses in our hospitals that have a very large disproportionate percentage of Arab employees.

When will Israelis wake up to the very dangerous fifth column in our midst?

As I always say, the ones who will suffer the most by the government of Israel not dealing properly with this fifth column, are the peaceful Arab Israelis who truly know how blessed they are to be Israeli citizens, including the doctor at Ichilov hospital from Um El Facham who saved two Jewish lives from the Tel Aviv terror attack.

Col. Kemp

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