South African Lawyer Settled the Entire Israeli Apartheid Debate

by Phil Schneider

Do Arabs who live in the Land of Israel have voting rights and freedom of movement? Do they suffer from systemic violence? The answer is yes and no. The Arabs in the Land of Israel who live under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do not have voting rights and freedom of movement. The Arabs who live under the Israeli government do have voting rights and freedom of movement. So, yes, apartheid does exist in the Land of Israel – under Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

The Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria both oppress Arabs under their domination by subjecting them to an endless cycle of attacking Israel. Of course, Israel responds in order to ensure their people’s safety. Any country that does not respond to violence against it’s people is immoral. The apartheid that the Arab leadership has created is one where either one of is part of the dominant terror network at the head of the Palestinian Authority or Hamas or one is subjected to a life of depravity. The tens of millions of American and European dollars that flow in every month are used by the corrupt Arab leadership to create terror tunnels and other parts of their terror network, instead of being used to improve economic conditions.

This is why so many Arabs choose to live under the State of Israel and receive state-of-the art medical care – under Jewish and Arab doctors who work hand in hand to care for it’s citizens. Coexistence exists, but not under Arab domination.

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