Arson Attack at Montreal Kosher Bakery Becomes Latest Hate Crime

by Leah Rosenberg

Another hate crime. More antisemitism. This came after an attempted arson at a kosher restaurant in the same mall.

Hate Crime at Montreal Kosher Bakery

When will it end? Hate crime after hate crime against the Jewish people. It happens in the United States, in Canada, Europe, the Middle East – everywhere. And this arson attack was just a couple weeks after an attempted arson attack at Chez Benny Express, which is a kosher restaurant in the same area. It does not take a genius to figure out that these are acts of antisemitism. Police might still be looking into the crimes, but it was not by chance that the two stores attacked were both Kosher.

Was it the same arsonist? The police are still investigating. But whoever carried out these crimes should be brought to justice. The Jewish people should not have to fear that their businesses will be destroyed. Can you imagine if it was a Muslim-owned business? Or a Black-owned business? Christian-owned? Or any other religion or group of people?

The world seems to stand up for other minorities and other people – but not the Jewish people.

Thank G-d this time no one got hurt. But it’s enough. How much longer can this go on for? When will the antisemitism end?

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