How a Hardware Store in Israel’s South Proved Israel’s Enemies Will Never Win

by Leah Rosenberg

Why do Israel’s enemies think they will succeed in bringing down the Jewish people when every enemy has failed since the beginning of time?

Israel’s Enemies Should Give up

Why should Israel’s enemies give up? Because the the Jewish people won’t. Haven’t they realized how strong the people of Israel are? They have been persecuted century after century. The worst kinds of violent acts have been carried out against the Jews. Pogroms, expulsions, the Holocaust, and more. And yet, the Jewish people have continued to rebuild and to live. They have never thrown in the towel, and they never will.

And that’s why when this hardware store in Israel’s southern city of Ashkelon was hit hard by a rocket in the last wave of violence from Hamas and basically obliterated, they decided to rebuild. They did not surrender to Hamas. They did not give in to Hamas’ goal of destroying the Jewish state and the Jewish people – and really the Jewish spirit. When will the world realize that the Jews are here to stay? Nothing breaks them. Think about their history. Think about what they have endured. And yet, they are still here and stronger than ever.

As said in this video, “All the Gaza rockets, they’re nothing but an invitation to make Israel stronger, better, more beautiful.”

What makes Hamas think that they can destroy Israel when large nations before it couldn’t? The Romans failed. The Greeks failed. The Babylonians? Failed. After thousands of years of being oppressed, the Jewish people have learned to be strong in the face of hatred. It’s in their DNA.

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