Song in Memory of the Dee Family Terror Victims Inspires the World

by Leah Rosenberg

The world now knows the Dee Family. The reason their name became so public is tragic. But they have inspired people worldwide.

The Dee Family and This Beautiful Song

On April 7, 2023, Arab Muslim terrorists shot and killed Maia and Rina Dee, daughters of Rabbi Leo and Lucy Dee, while they were driving during the Passover holiday. Their mother Lucy was critically injured in the attack and tragically died a few days later from her wounds. This tragedy hit the Jewish people hard. It was and is completely heartbreaking, to say the least. No words can describe how disturbing the barbaric action of these sick terrorists is.

Rabbi Leo Dee and his remaining children, Keren, Yehuda, and Tali, have suffered a loss that most people in the world cannot fathom.

The painful tragedy of the Dee family touched the lives of Jews throughout the world. The Jewish nation felt and feels the loss of this beautiful family.

Rabbi Dee has been a voice of inspiration throughout his pain. He has shared messages of strength with the world, despite the fact that he has experienced something so horrific. He wants to bring more light in this world. Rabbi Dee has been spreading messages of love and unity. One might expect a bereaved husband and father to spread anger and hate. But he has done the opposite.

May G-d bring Rabbi Leo, Keren, Yehuda, and Tali Dee comfort through this song and through His love. May the Dee family and the Jewish people know of no more pain and sorrow.

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