The End of This Video Shocked the Anti-Israel World

by Leah Rosenberg

Was there ever a State called Palestine? No.

Was there a land called Palestine? Yes.

Were there people who strived to return to a Land that was called Palestine? Yes.

Who were the people who dreamed of returning to their Land called Palestine? The Jewish people.

Wait a second. How can it be that the Jewish people wanted to return to a Land called Palestine? What about the native people to the area called Palestine? Aren’t they a people who are the so-called “Palestinians” today? Not exactly.

Actually, the whole entire term of a so-called “Palestinian” is a modern-day invention that is only around 50 years old. Arabs in the Middle East never used the term “Palestinian.” to refer to themselves. They referred to the Arab nation, to themselves as Arabs from Syria, Arabs from Egypt, or Arabs from Saudi Arabia. That is because that is where they are truly from.

Actually, very few Jews or Arabs who live in the State of Israel today come from the area that is the State of Israel today. The vast majority of the Jews came from Europe, Russia and Arab countries as poor refugees struggling to survive. And the vast majority of the Arabs came from neighboring Arab Lands searching for better economic conditions.

So, who are the real so-called “Palestinians.” The real answer is that there are no such people. It is a fictitious concept that was created in order to pressure the State of Israel to give away it’s Land to Arabs as part of a salami plan to destroy the State of Israel. Yasser Arafat said this clearly – in Arabic – not in English. Any honest Arab leader will say the same thing too.

Once Jimmy Carter, the great friend of the Arab people, decided to be the champion of human rights and to claim that the Arabs human rights are being trampled in the State of Israel, the table was set to claim that there was a new Arab nation called “the Palestinians” who had a “legitimate” right to their own homeland. But, the truth is that there is no “Palestinian” nation, and the only people who referred to the area of Palestine as their homeland are the Jewish people who have always looked forward to a time when they would return to their homeland.

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