Signs calling to boycott Israeli products are backfiring in the most hilarious way

by Leah Rosenberg

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement has been trying to boycott Israeli products. But are they succeeding? It seems not.

Boycotting Israeli Products

The BDS movement wants to prevent people from supporting Israel and buying Israeli products. They have had campaigns to place signs in stores targeting the products and painting Israel as an oppressor. They make people feel like they are supporting murderers if they buy Israeli products. Those boycotters spread complete lies about the Jewish State.

But sometimes, their plan backfires. And sometimes, MORE people buy Israeli products!

When BDS Fails

The BDS movement does not always accomplish what they want. David Menzies of The Rebel Media ended up buying MORE Israeli products because of the signs trying to boycott those very products. He bought an Israeli brand of pickled cucumbers called Metola. Menzies purchased other products of that same brand because he enjoyed it. He had never bought Metola beforehand. But BDS brought attention to the brand, and Menzies is thankful for that! Probably not what the BDS movement had in mind…

What is the True Goal of BDS?

The BDS movement says their goal is to help “Palestinians.” But as Menzies points out, what they are doing is the opposite. When BDS had the SodaStream factory closed in Israel to boycott it, that in return ended up damaging the lives of so many “Palestinians” who then lost their jobs.

Clearly, the BDS movement is failing miserably. Are they not?

Maybe they should rethink what they are doing…


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