Jewish journalist kicked out of synagogue for being politically conservative

by Phil Schneider

Laura Loomer claims that she just minded her own business when she walked into a synagogue.  That is not true.  She is a provocative Jewish conservative who is very much in your face with those she disagrees with.  She is an agitator – but she makes some good points.

Limits of Free Speech

It is very stylish today to claim that the most dangerous people are on the fringe right.  Well, there most certainly is some truth to that claim.  But Laura is correct when she notes that the extreme left is all about shutting mouths.  Strong right wing or conservative opinions are shut down in so many places where progressiveness is the norm.

This is a very serious issue.

Free speech should have limits, but not strict limits.  People with opposing viewpoints should be open to express those opinions in nearly all forums.  However, any open calls for violence should not be tolerated.  There are people with dangerous opinions out there. But as long as they do not pose a threat to mankind, they are not dangerous.

However, once they call for violence or worse, bear arms in an offensive fashion and not defensive fashion, they need to be stopped.

Agitators Should be Tolerated

Laura Loomer is a perfect example of the kind of agitator who should be allowed to speak her mind – in nearly all forums.  Some forums are simply not places for debate – such as synagogues – unless they have political events like this one.  So, in this case, it’s not clear that she has a good point.  But, in political meetings, she should be allowed to express her viewpoints, just like Bernie Sanders followers should be allowed to express their opinions.

Comparisons to Nazi Germany

This is where Laura Loomer shows that she has exaggerated things way out of proportion.  Yes, there is a problem that people’s opinions are shut down if they are too right wing.  Yes, free speech is under attack.  But no, this is nothing anywhere close to Nazi Germany.  That is a stupid statement.  Yes, that cheapens everything that the Nazis thought and did.  We do not have a dictatorship issue in the United States.  Racism is still alive in the world, but nowhere is there racism that comes anywhere close to Nazi race supremacy.

The battle for free speech should be a battle of the pen and the battle of the mouth.  No weapons, and no sloppy comparisons to Nazi Germany ought to be used.



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