Israel’s national anthem played for the first time in Abu Dhabi after Israeli wins Judo gold medal

by Phil Schneider

Israel’s national anthem is one of hope. And when you hear it played in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, it is even more powerful.

Israeli Wins Judo Gold Medal

Sagi Muki won the gold medal in Abu Dhabi’s Judo Grand Slam. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Did you ever expect that an Israeli can go there and win a medal? Furthermore, Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, was played after the prizes were given out. What a sight that is! It was also the first time in history that Hatikvah was played in Abu Dhabi.

Other Gold Medal Wins

Taking home the gold medal in Abu Dhabi was not the first big win for Israel. They have had multiple other gold medal wins. How unbelievable is that for such a small country? One of these other wins was Israel’s men’s gymnastics team. That win was the first time ever that Israel took the gold medal in the gymnastics world championship. At that ceremony as well, the stadium played Israel’s national anthem.

Despite the world’s constant criticism of Israel, the Jewish state keeps thriving. Israel is a particularly special country.

Lyrics to Israel’s National Anthem

The transliteration:

Kol od balevav penimah,
Nefesh yehudi homiyah,
Ulefa-atei mizrach, kadimah,
Ayin letziyon tsofiyah.

Od lo avdah tikvateinu
Hatikva bat shnot alpayim,
Lihyot am chofshi be-artzeinu,
Eretz tzion, virushalayim.


As long as in the heart within,
The Jewish soul yearns,
And toward the eastern edges, onward,
An eye gazes toward Zion.

Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope that is two-thousand years old,
To be a free nation in our land,
The Land of Zion, Jerusalem.


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