Should Biden Be Running For Re-Election?

by Phil Schneider

Although the question of whether or not Joe Biden will run for reelection is interesting, it will probably not be relevant. Not only will he probably not run for reelection, he will probably not even make it through this term. However, it could be argued that he has held up pretty well despite the obvious challenges that he is facing on a cognitive level. But as for his performance, the midterm elections will probably show more than anything else how out of touch the Biden administration is with the rest of middle America.

Kamala Harris is the clear front-runner for the 2024 election. As things stand now, Kamala Harris will run against Donald Trump. Ex-President Trump has never been good at hiding his feelings, and he has made it crystal clear in every interview and speech that he has every intention of running again. After all, he deeply believes that in 2020, the election was stolen from him, and he sees the popularity of the Democrat Party plummeting from day to day. The midterm elections will probably only boost his appetite for throwing his hat into the ring again. Nearly every candidate he will support will win as the Republicans are eyeing a major sweep

So what are the other possibilities? A new face may emerge in the Democrat Party such as an outsider from the business community. Alternatively, Donald Trump may prefer to be a kingmaker from the outside and not have to deal with the daily grind of running the country from the inside. After all, Obama is still one of the most powerful people in America today and he has no formal role. But he has the ear of all of Joe Biden’s advisors and Joe Biden’s too.

But most of this will probably not transpire. Kamala Harris will probably take over before 2024 and Donald Trump will probably scare away all of the potential candidates except for Pence. There is plenty of time till 2023 when the candidates will have to decide as to whether or not to jump in. But the odds of Joe Biden being a 2-term President are very slim.His record on foreign policy coupled with the economic decline of America under his watch will probably be the main factors that will convince his handlers to advise him to bow out rather than face the wrath of the American voter.

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