The world is giving billions of dollars in aid to support a genocide!

by Avi Abelow

This is shocking! You would hope that the world would give billions of dollars in aid to help those who need it. But instead, they are giving it to THIS genocidal culture!

Billions of Dollars in Aid for Terror

What is the world supporting? Who do they choose to give billions of dollars in aid to? The “Palestinian” Authority! That money goes toward terrorism only. It does not go toward anything positive. It does not get used for building schools and hospitals. Mahmoud Abbas gives that money to terrorists and their families for murdering innocent Jewish people. And the world supports it! The Palestinian Arabs have called for the murder of all Jews. They have called for the destruction of the state of Israel. It is no secret. Yet, they still receive international aid!

Listen to the way these Palestinian Arab children speak. The international world should be horrified! At such a young age, these children want to stab, stone, and murder. They want to soak their hands in blood. Why does anyone want to give money to such a sick culture?

President Trump Gets it

US President Trump is the first world leader to see and understand that there is something completely wrong with this. He cut US foreign aid to the “Palestinian” Authority, including $231.532 million in economic assistance and $424.3 million to UNRWA (UN agency in Gaza & Ramallah). Why? Not because he wants the Palestinian Arabs to fail. Not because he wants them to suffer. But because this money does not go toward helping them. It goes toward the murder of a United States’ ally. President Trump gets it! And Israel and the Jewish people are grateful that at least ONE world leader does…

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