“Palestinian” Authority president reaffirms commitment to paying terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

PA President Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t want peace. He has proven once again that his goal is to destroy Israel, and he continues paying terrorists.

Paying Terrorists

PA President Abbas is paying terrorists and their families to kill Jews. It’s that simple. Do you hear the UN having emergency meetings to discuss that? Why is the world silent when it comes to Israelis being murdered in cold blood? Paying terrorists is pure incitement, and Abbas is promoting violence. Abbas is rewarding murder.

Despite demands to end these payments, Abbas plans to continue. America and Israel have both passed laws to stop sending money to the “Palestinians” until Abbas stops paying terrorists. But he has not stopped, and he has no plans to stop. Abbas continues to praise terrorists for their heinous crimes.

Ready for Peace?

Is Abbas ready for peace? Is Israel really the problem when it comes to the peace process? The answer is a clear NO. Abbas is not quiet about his true intentions. But the world still covers it up.

Abbas said, “If we had only a single penny left, we would pay it to families of the martyrs and prisoners.” If he really wanted peace, he would not make those remarks.

The “Palestinian” Authority president is not doing what’s best for his people. He is just promoting more violence. The “Palestinian” people would have a better future if their leaders cared about them. Those “Palestinians” who really want peace are suffering under Abbas’ leadership.

Israel is still waiting for Abbas to make changes to help the peace process further progress. But Abbas declines anything that will advance it.

So Israel will continue to wait.

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